Process Development Services & Support

Services, testing, and support to ensure your formulation gives the performance you desire.

Spent Media Analysis

Shortened development time relies on having access to dependable data and answers. Our spent media analysis service offers reliable testing for nutrients that give customers the data they require to make effective decisions on further process optimization.

  • Nutrient analysis for cell and media optimization studies
  • Allow 15 business days for results upon receipt of order
  • Not intended for regulatory submission purpose

Stability Assessment

  • To evaluate product stability affected by the current recommended storage temperature for long-term storage with customer specified packaging
  • Can be performed on both Liquid and Dry Powder media
  • Some of the tests analyzed include (but not limited to) pH, Osmolality, Appearance, Moisture, Solubility, and Growth Promotion
  • The assays selected are based on the current specifications for the material to demonstrate the integrity of performance in cell culture

Global Technical Operations

  • Manufacturing technical review and support
  • Product and process support
  • Investigation support
  • Process and procedural review, evaluation, and recommendation
  • Raw material review and evaluation
  • Product manufacturing review and optimization
  • Product and Process Transfer
  • Special Projects








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