Complete Solutions for IVD Lateral Flow Immunoassay Development

Your Partner from Concept to Clinic

Simplify immunoassay development and manufacture with a partner who understands the IVD market

Accelerate your time to market with fit-for-use products which offer the quality, consistency, and documentation necessary for every step of your IVD development and manufacturing needs.

Proven expertise in lateral flow assay development

We have extensive knowledge in the area of lateral flow assay development, based on in-depth product development and manufacturing experience, and supported by IVD Industry partnerships.

Learn more in our guide, "Rapid Lateral Flow Test Strips – Considerations for Product Development" and the supporting links found on this page.

Lateral flow diagram

Discover the value of partnering from concept to clinic

By partnering with us early in development to source raw materials, you help to ensure a smooth and efficient transfer from R&D through to commercialization.

We offer:  

  • Product selection assistance
  • Risk mitigation support
  • Clear quality and supply chain guidelines
  • A reliable and transparent global supply chain
  • Proactive forecasting
  • Superior documentation
  • Regulatory insight

Impact of Early Supplier Involvement

Impact of Early Supplier Involvement



Lateral Flow Products

Lateral flow antibodies and proteins

Capture and Detection

Antibodies and Proteins

As an industry leader in antibody production and supply, we offer the following services and resources.

estapor beads for detectionColloidal Gold

We supply the reagents required for the production of Colloidal Gold, including Gold Chloride.

Estapor® Microspheres for Consistent and Uniform Performance

We have over 100 available Estapor® Microsphere configurations to suit your size and coupling requirements.

  • Available in dyed, paramagnetic, and fluorescent
  • Intercalated dye leaves surface properties unchanged

Membranes and Pads

Hi-Flow™ Plus Membranes and SureWick® Conjugate, Sample, and Absorbent Pads provide a complete solution for your lateral flow assays.

Hi-Flow™ Plus Membranes for Speed and Consistency

  • 5 flow ranges to suit any assay sensitivity
  • Consistent performance speeds assay design and simplifies troubleshooting
  • Available as membrane cards to simplify your manufacturing design process and production
  • See this Custom Lateral Flow Membranes Case Study to learn how we can tailor our support to your needs

SureWick® Pad Materials for Use as Sample, Absorbent, and Conjugate Pads

  • 100% pure cellulose fiber sample and absorbent pads have no binders or glues to interfere with assay performance
  • Glass fiber conjugate pads have low extractables and excellent consistency

Membranes and Pads


Quality Ancillary Reagents

Accelerate your IVD commercialization by having a single-source provider of quality materials for your Lateral Flow IVD development and manufacture. Key product groups include: