Settle Plates for Active and Passive Air Monitoring


Our high-quality agar settle plates (also known as sedimentation plates [AK1] or settling plates) are perfectly tailored for use by pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Whether designed for use in clean rooms and isolators, or less critical controlled environments, our settle plates meet all relevant international standards and regulations, including EU cGMP, FDA Aseptic Guidance and USP <1116>.

ICR and ICRplus gamma-irradiated settle plates

Our gamma-irradiated and triple-bagged ICR (Isolator Clean Room) and ICR plus settle plates are suitable for use in critical cleanrooms, RABS and isolators. They can be used for passive and active air monitoring with the MAS® Air Sampler family, as well as for glove prints. In addition, they are available as non-lockable ICR plates, and lockable ICR plus plates.

To minimize the risk of contamination during transportation of the samples from a sterile to a non classified environment, we offer gamma sterilized zip lock bags, suitable for contact and settle plates.

Non-lockable ICR settle plates for isolators and critical cleanrooms:

Secure and reliable

  • 2-D data matrix barcode on each plate: paperless and secure identification of individual plates
  • H2O2-impermeable triple-sleeve packaging (transparent) safe transfer into cleanrooms (ISO 5) and isolators, protection of the media during decontamination of isolator
  • Produced in cleanrooms, gamma-irradiated in final packaging: minimizes risk of contamination


  • Storage at room temperature: storable at site of use
  • Long shelf life: allows fewer incoming goods controls, cost saving
  • High filling volume settle plates (30 mL): allows prolonged exposition and incubation
  • SDA in pink plates: easily distinguishes between TSA and SDA; minimizes risk of mix up


  • Usable for personnel monitoring or for active air monitoring with air samplers
  • Supplemented by neutralizers for a wide range of disinfectants and β-lactam antibiotics
  • New media formulation of non-animal origin available: minimizing the risk of BSE contamination

ICR Plus settle plates for isolators and critical cleanrooms

In addition to all the above features and benefits, our ICR Plus settle plates have CLOSED- or VENT-closure offering the following advantages

  • Safe transportation
  • Flexible incubation conditions, e.g. for anaerobic monitoring.


The new TSA (Tryptic soy agar) media including the four neutralizers lecithin (L), Tween 80 (T), Histidine (H) and sodium Thiosulfate (Thio) provides additional unique features:

  • 12 months shelf-life – decrease the frequencies of incoming controls – cost reduction
  • Add-ons to the certificate of analyses:
    • verification of anaerobic growth for lockable plates
    • functionality check of individual 2-D matrix code
    • disinfectant test part of the release testing

Non-irradiated settle plates (LI settle plates)

Our range of non-irradiated settle plates are designed for use in non-controlled and less critical controlled cleanrooms. They can be used for passive and active air monitoring as well as glove prints. Ten plates each are single bagged.

Single-bagged settle plates for environmental monitoring in less critical areas

Ideal for monitoring less critical cleanroom areas, such as grade C, D and E, or non-specified environments, our single bagged long(L) incubation (I) settle plates are the ideal choice. Their high-filling volume 30 mL in 90 mm settle plates reduces the percentage of water loss during the air monitoring procedures.

Secure and reliable

  • 2-D data matrix barcode on each plate: paperless and secure identification of individual plates
  • Produced in cleanrooms: minimizes risk of contamination
  • Prepared according to the recommendations of the European and US pharmacopeias


  • Storage at room temperature: storable at site of use
  • Long shelf life (6-9 months) : fewer incoming goods controls
  • High filling volume settle plates:  allow prolonged exposition and incubation


  • Use for active and passive air monitoring, personnel monitoring

These plates are available in Tryptic Soy agar (TSA), or Sabouraud Dextrose agar (SDA), which is ideally suited for the growth of yeast and molds. They are supplemented with neutralizers such as lecithin (L), tween 80 (T), histidine (H) and sodium thiosulfate (Th) to inactivate a wide range of disinfectants.To suppress the growth of bacteria SDA media  available with chloramphenicol also.


Product No. Nonlockable Description
1.46001 Tryptic Soy Agar - ICR 30ml
1.46050 TSA w. LT - ICR 30ml
1.46069 TSA w. LTHTh - ICR 30ml
1.46778 TSA with LTHTh - ICR 15cm
1.46076 TSA + LT + Cephase - ICR
1.46081 Sab-Dextr-A. w. LT -ICR 30ml
1.46577 Sab. Dextr. Agar - ICR 30ml
1.46005 SDA w. LTHTh - ICR 30ml
1.46016 Sab.Dex.A sel. +LTHTh - ICR
1.46093 Chocolate Agar +LTH - SDV
1.46786 TSA with LTHThio sedi.-ICR
Product No. Lockable Description
1.46684 TSA LT 90mm ICR+
1.46683 TSA LTHTh 90mm ICR+
1.46685 TSA 90mm ICR+
1.46700 TSA +LT +Cephase - ICR+ 90mm
1.46703 SDA +LT - ICR+ 90mm
1.46787 (available 2020) TSA LTHThio sedi. ICR+
1.46800 TSA w. Penase LTHThio sedi ICR+
1.46804 (available 2020) Veget.Pept. Agar LTHThio sedi ICR+
1.46509 Sterile transportation zip lock bags
Product No. Non-irradiated Description
1.46004 TSA - LI 30ml EP+USP
1.46015 TSA w. LTHC - LI 30ml
1.46002 TSA w. LTHTh - LI 30ml
1.46028 SDA - LI acc. EP
1.46003 SDA w. Cm acc. EP - LI
1.46052 Sab-Gluc-A w. LTHTh -LI 30ml
1.46519 Rack for sedimentation pl.