Diversinates™: Linkers for Native Chemical Tagging of C–H Bonds


Bioconjugation is an essential concept in chemical biology wherein a biomolecule is covalently bound to another biomolecule, a fluorescent dye, a cytotoxic payload (drug), and other bioactive or labeling compounds. To incorporate a small molecule drug into a biomolecule, one often requires reactive functional groups such as alcohols, amines, and carboxylic acids. However, some drugs do notcontain suitable chemical handles for functionalization. Diversinate™ linker reagents such as Baran DAAS-Na (746118) and Shabat Sulfinate (792446) can functionalize heteroaromatic C–H bonds and can conveniently append a linker with a functional group (azide and a protected ketone, respectively).


Previous tagging methods for small-molecule drugs rely on reactive functional groups (e.g., OH, NH) present in the drug.  Baran DAAS-Na and Shabat Sulfinate can react with drugs that do not have apparent chemical handles—only heteroaromatic C–H bonds are needed. These powerful native chemical tagging reagents react under operationally simple reaction conditions (in the presence of water and air).

Representative Applications

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