MilliSentials™ Essential Lab Equipment for Productive, Efficient Labs

Work Smarter

Many protocols require essential lab equipment to tackle routine, repetitive tasks in the laboratory. Unfortunately, current offerings for this equipment are characterized by decades old designs lacking any recent innovation. We are proud to introduce the MilliSentials™ line of general lab equipment aimed at increasing lab efficiency through updated, innovative general lab equipment and devices. Featuring modernized, enhanced devices that simplify routine tasks in the laboratory, these products help streamline your applications.

Adhering to your Highest Standards

The MilliSentials™ Lab Labeling System provides a complete laboratory labeling solution with laboratory grade labels, a compact WIFI capable printer, and custom-designed laboratory labeling software.

  • Laboratory grade labels can withstand temperatures from -196 °C (liquid nitrogen) to 100 °C
  • Chemical resistance to water, ethanol, IPA, DMSO, methanol, acetonitrile, bleach, acetone, xylene, and toluene
  • Adaptable labels can accommodate multiple vessel types and sizes
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use thermal transfer printer with hardwire and wireless connection options
  • Custom built laboratory software featuring pre-defined labels for laboratory vessels
  • Build, save, and share label templates for common label setups
  • Access and print labels using a laptop, tablet, or mobile device on the same network as the printer

Enhance your Liquid Handling

The MilliSentials™ Aliquoting Pipette Controller combines the automatic aliquoting function of a repeat pipettor with the basic functions of a standard pipette controller in a single device.

  • Built in aliquoting capability automatically dispenses accurate aliquots between 0.5-5.0 mL at the touch of a button
  • Touch sensitive aspirate and dispense buttons allow precise control
  • Ergonomic design reduces hand strain

Adaptable MilliSentials™ Labels for cryogenic storage

Modernize your Vortexer

The MilliSentials™ Vortexer provides powerful agitation to liquid samples within sealed containers in a compact modernized design. The compact and powerful design will accommodate tubes with volumes from 0.2 to 50 mL, vials with volumes from 2.0 to 10 mL, and square bottles up to 150 mL.

  • Powerful agitation at a reasonable price provides a valuable option
  • Modernized compact design minimizes loss of bench space

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