Taking poultry safety and quality measures to new heights is every producer, regulator, and consumer’s hope, and requires the most consistent, efficient, and compliant chemical and microbiological solutions available. We are committed to advancing food safety and quality of the poultry industry today, through lab testing efficiency & regulatory expertise for food manufacturers who care about tomorrow. Explore here some of the industry challenges and solutions for key aspects of poultry processing.

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Milli-Q® Lab Water Solutions

Laboratory water systems and services for reliable safety and quality analyses in the egg and poultry industries

Water quality is critical for accurate and reliable results in your chemical and microbiological egg and poultry testing. Pure water is an important component of microbiology media and ELISA buffer preparation, while ultrapure water is recommended for the analysis of veterinary drug residues in meat, eggs, and feed.

Our Milli-Q® Lab Water Solutions portfolio offers a broad range of pure and ultrapure water purification systems and services designed for scientists working in egg and poultry product safety and quality laboratories. The Milli‐Q® IQ 7003/05/10/15 system is a fully integrated water purification solution that reliably delivers high-quality ultrapure and pure water and supports optimal lab efficiency.

  • Convenient access to ultrapure and pure water:
    One system connects to up to 4 POD dispensers, giving rapid access to water throughout the lab
  • Simple and intuitive dispensing:
    Obtain water at the flow rate you need at the touch of a finger; you can even program your desired volume and walk away
  • Effortless maintenance:
    The system notifies you when it requires attention, and onscreen graphic instructions guide you step by step
  • Easy data management and traceability:
    View water quality and system data onscreen, download individual reports, or access a complete history in the system’s memory