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Thin Layer Chromatography

Our offering for thin layer chromatography (TLC), preparative TLC, and high performance TLC (HPTLC) includes plates, reagents and accessories. Our glass, PET (polyester) foils, and aluminum foil TLC plates are available coated with silica gel (unmodified, nano-silica gel, C-18, C-18 chiral-modified, amino, cyano), aluminum oxide (Alox), cellulose (fibers, microcrystalline) and Polyamide 6 stationary phases, with and without indicator.


TLC Adsorbents
Adsorbents for TLC, HPTLC, and preparative TLC


TLC Reagents
Derivitization reagents including charring
agents, fluorescent agents, and stains


TLC Accessories
Sprayers, chambers, UV lamps, and other TLC accessories


On-demand Webinar
TLC/HPTLC for rapid quantitative results in Food & Beverage


Chromatography news
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