Functional Genomics and RNAi

Sigma-Aldrich is a global supplier of leading RNA interference (RNAi) tools including siRNA through Sigma-Proligo and the MISSION® TRC shRNA libraries. The MISSION TRC shRNA libraries are a comprehensive collection of 150,000 pre-cloned shRNA constructs targeting 15,000 human and 15,000 mouse genes. These lentiviral based constructs allow flexible delivery of long or short-term silencing in a broad range of mammalian cell types, including primary and non-dividing cells.

The MISSION TRC shRNA libraries provide solutions for pathway elucidation, target identification and are ideal for high-content screens. The libraries are offered with a variety of options and formats: Entire libraries, gene family sets, target sets or individual clones are available as bacterial glycerol stocks, purified DNA, and lentiviral transduction particles. To find more information including protocols, references, and frequently asked questions visit the RNAi website.