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Small Volume Custom Media: imMEDIAte ADVANTAGE®

The work you do today defines the products of tomorrow. Our ability to support and be your partner for bioprocess development activities is strengthened by more than 40 years of cell culture media formulation and manufacturing expertise. Our imMEDIAte ADVANTAGE® service for pre-GMP, small scale custom media, feeds, supplements and buffers is just one example of our support. This quick turn-around service provides you the competitive advantage to complete your development work quicker and accelerates your molecule to market sooner.

Feasibility ‑ Scalability ‑ Manufacturability

Complex materials such as cell culture media are often a significant source of process variability. Our imMEDIAte ADVANTAGE® Centers in Lenexa, Kansas, St. Louis, Missouri, Irvine, Scotland, Nantong, China and Songdo, South Korea. are dedicated to supporting the study and development of this critical component in your process. These centers are uniquely equipped to support developers and manufacturers alike with access to pre-GMP small volume custom media with expedited timing. All media formulations are produced using comparable compounding methods and qualified raw materials where possible to provide the consistency in your development studies. With over 40 years of manufacturing experience, our manufacturing scientists understand the need for scalability and routinely support efforts across all stages of your bioprocess development and manufacture.

  • Qualified Raw Materials used, unique raw materials as needed by you
  • Manufacturing processes appropriately aligned to our GMP processes
  • Quality product which delivers consistency to your development projects and experiments

Dry Powder Format; Validated Scale Down Process Equipment

The imMEDIAte ADVANTAGE® Pin Mill is the same stainless steel pin mill design as the larger full-scale cGMP counterparts.

  • Process flow: pre-blend, pin mill, post-blend
  • Nitrogen gas: utilized to cool the mill and transport components after particle size reduction
  • Product quality: milling temperature controlled to prevent component degradation, final blending to achieve homogeneity
  • Lot size range: 0.5–20.0 Kgr, packaging containers consistent with GMP product

Liquid Format

The imMEDIAte ADVANTAGE® liquid process is aligned with the larger GMP counterparts.

  • Mixing: component addition and mixing to achieve homogeneity
  • Filtration: 0.2 micron prior to aseptic filling
  • Lot size range: 1-200L, packaging containers consistent with GMP product

Let us help you with your bioprocess development projects.

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