MQuant™ Test Strips and Visual Tests

Simple Handling & Semi Quantitative Results by Brilliant Color Scales

MQuant™ Test Strips

MQuant visual test strips

  • MQuant™ test strips are pocket-sized laboratories for quick and simple analyses.
  • With over 50 test parameters you will find the right test strip for various occasions and field of applications as checking the quality of frying oils, ensuring the safety after disinfection of your production line, or testing the glucose content of your food
  • See how simple testing can be!

Visual Tests

Visual tests

  • Visual Tests – colorimetric and titrimetric test kits
  • Easy, fast and direct read-out of color cards or disks with economical refill packs for numerous parameters
  • Field of Applications: Wastewater, industrial water, ground water, drinking or bottled water as well as swimming pool
  • Compare the different kind of visual tests


MQuant™ Test Strips – It’s that simple!

Three steps of MQuant™ testing

  1. Sample preparation

    MQuant™ test contains all necessary reagents, including those required for sample pre-treatment

  2. Testing


    Remove one MQuant™ Test strip from the protective tube. Dip strip into the test solution to wet reaction zone.
    Remove excess liquid by shaking test strip or drawing it across the edge of the vessel. After the specified
    reaction time (max 1 minute), compare the color of the reaction zone with the color scale printed on the
    tube label to determine concentration.

  3. Disposal

    MQuant™ test strips can be safely and easily disposed of with regular waste.


Different Colorimetric Systems for Various Testing Scenarios

Color-disk Comparator

color disk comparator

  • High to medium concentrations as well as turbid solutions.
  • All reagents and the color comparator disk are contained in the kit.

Titrimetric and Colorimetric Methods

titrimetric and colorimetric methods

  • Medium concentrations can be measured by titrimetric or colorimetric tests (evaluation using color cards or test vessels).

Color-card Comparator

color-card comparator

  • Very low to medium concentrations.
  • The comparator method convinces in its use

Take your laboratory to your sample

mcolortest compact lab caseTake a compact laboratory suitcase for water analysis with visual tests and accessories. The small suitcase allows you to quickly measure all major parameters for water analysis on the spot, like pH, ammonium, biological oxygen demand (BOD), carbonate, total- or residual hardness, nitrate, phosphate and oxygen).

Economical refill packs and accessories as flat-bottom tubes or test vessels allows you to keep your costs low.