Solving the Space Constraints of
High-Throughput Genotyping


High-throughput genotyping is a critical tool for modern plant breeding programs. The more samples analyzed, the more marker data collected, and the better the chances to identify traits that enhance yield. But in order to increase throughput, practical issues must be addressed – including sample preparation times, and the quality and availability of consumable reagents.


A multinational seed improvement company was committed to their large genotyping platform. Sample processing and preparation was performed by an automated liquid handling system, using a custom extraction solution constituted on-site by company employees. Because running out of solution meant complete shutdown, large amounts of all solution components, as well as prepared extraction solution, were always stored on-site.

A platform upgrade that would result in a 350% increase in sample throughput was planned, but the company had concerns about their ability to manufacture and store the larger quantities of extraction solution the increased throughput would require.


Sigma-Aldrich partnered with the customer’s genotyping team to understand the specifics of their method, reagents, and buffer composition. Sigma-Aldrich’s R&D scientists were able to optimize the formula, simplifying it significantly in the process. They created a 5x concentrate that contained all but two components, which were insoluble at the higher concentration. The three components then were custom-packaged in a kit, which the customer could reconstitute on-site. This solution:

  • Reduced extraction solution costs by 15%
  • Reduced space required for storage by 40%
  • Significantly reduced batch-to-batch variability
  • Ensured solution quality and availability
  • Simplified ordering and inventory management

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