Histology Staining Solutions & Kits

Achieve brilliant, stable and reproducible histological stains with our full range of histology products. We are a leading supplier of chemicals, stains and kits for both routine and special histological investigations. For greater convenience and efficiency, we offer convenient kit formats as well as individual, ready-to-use solutions. For customers wishing to prepare their own stains, we also supply dry dyes and dry mixtures, concentrated liquids, as well as other chemicals and general purpose laboratory reagents.

Trust in the reliable, batch-to-batch consistency of our high-quality reagents that can cover your complete workflow. Many of our histology products are CE-certified, IVD-registered products and have shelf lives of up to 3 years at room temperature.


Histology Workflows

Histological Routine Staining Solutions & Kits

Save time and effort by discovering our extensive portfolio of ready and reliable histological staining solutions and kits. Our range of ready-to-use solutions and kits helps you to avoid direct contact with dry dyes and, thanks to reliable batch-to-batch consistency, increases the reproducibility of results—essential for laboratory audits.

Our range covers your frequently applied methods, including:

  • With our ready-to-use H&E (hematoxylin-eosin) staining solutions, you’ll achieve high efficiency and robust results with brilliant differentiation. These solutions require no prior filtration and are available in several package sizes. Select from Harris, Gill′s Numbers 1, 2, or 3, Mayer′s hematoxylin, or alcoholic or aqueous Eosin Y.
  • Giemsa, to stain special material such as bone marrow, tonsils, lymph nodes and gastric tissue samples as well as to detect H. pylori.
  • PAS (periodic acid-Schiff) staining solutions and kits, for detection of mucopolysaccharides, glycogen, neutral mucopolysaccharides, muco- and glycoproteins, glyco- and phospholipids, basal membranes and collagen. Our Schiff’s reagent offers the advantage that it can be stored at room temperature and used right out of the bottle without any delays.
  • Alcian blue is used to stain acidic polysaccharides such as glycosaminoglycans in bone and cartilage. Combined with PAS staining, this cationic dye identifies acidic mucosubstances at pH 2.5.
  • van Gieson solutions and kits, for differential staining of collagenous connective tissue, muscle tissue, and cornified epithelium

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Histological Special Stains & Kits

Special stains employ staining techniques to identify suspected pathogens or demonstrate specific cellular components that aid pathologists in the evaluation of disease states. We offer the most commonly applied special stain procedures, with reagents available as prepared solutions or in convenient kit formats. Many of our special stain kits have microwave applications so you can obtain your results in a fraction of the time over standard procedures.

Rapidly and reliably visualize specific parts of tissue samples with our range of convenient special staining kits, including:

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ISOSLIDE® Control Slides with Reference Tissue

High quality and convenient ISOSLIDE® control slides leave no question about the validity of your histological staining procedures. This easy quality control system lets you simply compare your own specimen preparation with the reference tissue to be certain of your results. This quality check system also helps you optimize and standardize your own staining processes.

Product Range: ISOSLIDE® control slides are available for a variety of staining methods, covering both routine stains (e.g. PAS, Alcian blue) and special stains (e.g. Reticulin, Warthin-Starry, Methenamine). Discover our new ISOSLIDE® AFB control slides for detection of acid-fast bacteria, such as mycobacteria, and ISOSLIDE® Congo Red for detection of amyloid.

Contents and Applications: Each ISOSLIDE® box contains 25 slides: one control specimen, pre-stained with the respective method, and 24 unstained preparations. To ensure consistently reliable results, all the slides of one box are produced from the same block of animal tissue. Hence, each box only contains one batch.

Ready for Accreditation and Audits: The quality of ISOSLIDE® control specimens is documented by an analysis certificate. All ISOSLIDE® control slides are CE-certified IVD products, making them subject to comprehensive quality and process documentation. This means they are valid for laboratory accreditation and audits.

Auxiliaries for Histology

Thanks to their outstanding quality, our auxiliary products and reagents ensure reliable staining and long-term color stability. Find everything you require for fixation, histoprocessing, embedding, deparaffinizing, dehydration, clearing and mounting of your tissue specimens.

All our auxiliary products are accompanied by a certificate of analysis (CoA) and by comprehensive quality and process documentation. Since they are CE certified IVDs, our products are ideally suited for use in diagnostic laboratories, and support laboratory accreditation and certification.

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