Disinfection Control & Hygiene Monitoring

Food and beverage production and distribution is a complex process with many components involved in the manufacture and packaging. Consequently, preparation, handling, and processing areas can be easily contaminated if improperly cleaned and sanitized. Attention to hygiene during the manufacture of food and beverage products is paramount due to the ever-present risk of dangerous microorganisms that can cause foodborne illness by infection or intoxication. Equally thorough disinfection control testing of filling and processing equipment must also be conducted to ensure that disinfectant residues do not remain and subsequently contaminate the final food and beverage products. Explore some of the efficient, sensitive, and compliant disinfection control testing solutions based on Supelco® analytical reagents and Millipore® biomonitoring tools.

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Disinfectant Testing

MQuant® Test strips are pocket-sized laboratories for quick and simple analyses of chemical disinfectant parameters to ensure the safety of your production line after disinfection. The strips feature minute amounts of the reagent on an absorbent pad mounted to a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film. In food & beverage manufacturing, MQuant® test strips can be used for different semiquantitative measurements. Digital value readout and data storage are now available with the MQuant® StripScan app for selected test strips. Find our colorimetric testing solutions for in-process control of disinfection.

Reflectoquant® System

The RQflex® 20 reflectometer and test strips are an economical, portable system to perform critical analysis during disinfection control and in the fields of food, beverage, agriculture, and water testing. The Reflectoquant test strips are barcoded with batch-specific calibration to offer reliable, quantitative results within minutes. Select your parameters from our reflectometric testing solutions.

Spectroquant® Move Instruments

Spectroquant® Move instruments are robust handheld colorimeters for precise, rapid on-site analysis no matter what or where you need to test. The instruments are dust-tight and waterproof according to IP 68 classification. They offer dependable results for a broad range of preprogrammed parameters of high-quality Spectroquant® test kits. The Spectroquant® Move DC is specifically designed for the five essential parameters of disinfection control: chlorine, ozone, chlorine dioxide, cyanuric acid, and pH. View our portable photometric testing solutions.

Reliable In-process Microbial Testing

Ready-to-Use Agar Media

For monitoring the efficiency of disinfection routines, proven methods and easy-to-use testing solutions are available for even surfaces, curved surfaces as well as difficult to access areas. We offer a wide range of traditional agar media solutions such as ready-to-use contact plates, contact slides as well as swabs, each being suited to different surface types.

Contact Plates for Personnel and Surface Monitoring

Our ready-to-use contact plates can be used for environmental monitoring of surfaces in critical clean rooms and isolators (ICR series) as well as in non-critical areas (RT series).

Surface & Personnel Monitoring with HYCON® Contact Slides

The unique design of HYCON® contact slides allow easy and flexible microbial testing on flat, curved, or irregular surfaces making them a universal tool ideally suited to the production environment found in food and beverage production.

Swabs & Dip Slides for Difficult to Access Areas

Available for heterotrophic plate count (HPC), yeast & mold, & coliforms. Just add a small sample of liquid to the pre-sterilized sampler or wipe a surface of interest with the swab. Stable at room temperature for storage and incubation.

Envirocheck® Dip Slides for Disinfection Control

Envirocheck® Dip Slides provide semi-quantitative detection of microorganisms on surfaces and in liquids. The flexible paddles, coated with relevant nutrient media, allow for sampling on all surface types. After sampling and incubation, two parameters can be determined in one easy step.

Rapid Surface Monitoring of ATP, NAD, or Protein

Combined with traditional methods, rapid testing solutions based on ATP, NAD, or protein detection match perfectly and conveniently to fulfill your overall surface hygiene and disinfection control efficiency testing.

Radiation, Steam, and Autoclave Sterilization Process Validation

Validate your sterilization process using convenient bioindicator spore strips, Sterikon® plus bioindicator, and sterilization tape.

Disinfection Control Analytical Reference Standards

Disinfection By-Products Standards

Verification of chemical residues in disinfection controls relies on precision analytical reference standards. This is a critical step for in-process testing for food and beverage production in general, and of particular importance in validation of organic food handling. Search our complete library of disinfection reference standards

Technical Tips

Demands for improved food and beverage safety is leading to more frequent in-process disinfection control testing that risks slowing production and increasing operating costs. Explore some of the industry-leading technical tips and trainings used in food and beverage in-process control testing.

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