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ASSET EZ4 NCO dry sampler for sampling isocyanates in the air

Air monitoring is performed to determine the concentration of contaminants in the air in ambient, indoor air, and workplace environments. We offer workflow solutions for solvent desorption, thermal desorption, and whole air sampling, including active, passive, and whole air samplers. Our air sampling media is designed to meet sampling and analysis criteria according to National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) methods and other regional methods.

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ORBO™ Sorbent Tubes for Active Air Sampling

ORBO™ sorbent tubes contain two beds of adsorbents separated by glass wool or foam, offering reproducible recoveries and low standard deviations. We supply a wide range of high-quality and specialty adsorbents including Carbopack™/ Carbotrap® Graphitized Carbon Blacks (GCBs), Carboxen®, Carbosieve®, Carbon Molecular Sieves (CMS), XAD and Tenax Porous Polymer Adsorbents, Charcoal, Petroleum Charcoal, Silica Gel, and Florisil.

Carbonyl Sampling with LpDNPH Cartridges

LpDNPH cartridges are employed for trapping carbonyls on a high-purity silica adsorbent coated with 2,4-dinitrophenyl hydrazine. Our LpDNPH cartridges are designated for ambient, indoor, and industrial hygiene atmospheres, meeting NIOSH 2016, ASTM D5197, US EPA 100, IP-6A, and TO-11A requirements.

Thermal Desorption Tubes for Active Air Sampling

Our adsorbent tubes offer superior performance for trapping and thermally desorbing volatile organic compounds in the air. We have a broad range of stainless steel and glass-fritted pre-packed sampling tubes that are fully compatible with PerkinElmer, Markes (MI), Gerstel®, Shimadzu, OI Analytical®, Tekmar®, and Dynathermthermal desorbers. We also offer empty stainless steel and glass thermal desorption tubes in different dimensions that include a sampling flow arrow, barcode, and unique identification number for air sampling, thermal extraction analysis, and creating custom focusing tubes.

ASSET™ EZ4 Samplers for Isocyanates

The ASSET™ EZ4 dry samplers for isocyanates are the easy-to-use dry samplers offering the ultimate sensitivity for collection & measurement of vapor phase and aerosol isocyanates. The ASSET™ EZ4-NCO Dry Sampler collects the full range of isocyanate monomers and oligomers; while the ASSET™ EZ-ICA sampler is designed to collect isocyanic acid (ICA) and methyl isocyanate (MIC) at low levels.

Coated Filters for Active Air Sampling

We offer innovative coated dry filters, such as our ASSET® EZ4 air sampling devices for sampling isocyanates in air, as well as selected coated filters for use in cassettes, sampling particles, and aerosols. Our filters, cassettes, and accessories, which are cited in numerous OSHA and NIOSH methods in the United States, are universally respected for quality and reliability.

DSD-DNPH Diffusive Sampler for Passive Air Sampling

The DSD-DNPH sampler is an all-in-one sample collection and elution device used to measure aldehydes and ketones in air. Our product is recommended in OSHA 1007: Method for Determination of Aldehydes.

Radiello® passive sampler

The radiello® sampler employs a radial passive sampling design to allow faster sampling rates, higher capacity, and improved robustness to wind, temperature, and humidity. With over 10 cartridge adsorbents, as either pure adsorbents or chemically coated supports, and four different diffusive bodies, the radiello® passive sampler can be used to sample hundreds of different gaseous compounds under a variety of conditions. The radiello® system is suitable for sampling VOCs, aldehydes, BTEX, phenols, ammonia (NH3), ozone(O3), 1,3-butadiene, isoprene, nitrogen and sulfur dioxides (NO2 and SO2), anesthetic gases, vapors, hydrogen sulfide (H2S), hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acid (HCl and HF).

Whole Air Sampling Products

Whole air sampling is performed by drawing air into a vessel, allowing compounds of interest to be recovered directly from the vessel. Tedlar® gas sampling bags are available with both push/pull lock valves (PLV) and screw cap valves (SCV). Supel™ Inert Multi-Layer Foil Gas Sampling Bags with Thermogreen® LB-2 septa provide additional sealing to protect sample integrity. We also offer oven-annealed, glass sampling bulbs as an alternative to Tedlar® bags.

Air Sampling Pumps

We offer air monitoring sampling pumps including vacuum pumps for whole air sampling, PAS-500 Micro air sampler, and the Zefon® Escort Elf personal air sampling pump along with bubble flowmeters and flow calibration devices.

Air Monitoring Accessories

An Adsorbent Tube Injector System (ATIS) is a sample preparation device for thermal and solvent desorption tubes. ATIS employs the principle of flash vaporization to carry the sample and calibration standards onto adsorbent tubes to the analytical system.

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