Collagen as Bioink for Bioprinting: A Comprehensive Review.

International journal of bioprinting (2020-10-23)
Egor Olegovich Osidak, Vadim Igorevich Kozhukhov, Mariya Sergeevna Osidak, Sergey Petrovich Domogatsky

Biomaterials made using collagen are successfully used as a three-dimensional (3D) substrate for cell culture and considered to be promising scaffolds for creating artificial tissues. An important task that arises for engineering such materials is the simulation of physical and morphological properties of tissues, which must be restored or replaced. Modern additive technologies, including 3D bioprinting, can be applied to successfully solve this task. This review provides the latest evidence on advances of 3D bioprinting with collagen in the field of tissue engineering. It contains modern approaches for printing pure collagen bioinks consisting only of collagen and cells, as well as the obtained results from the use of pure collagen bioinks in different fields of tissue engineering.

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Ovine collagen, 3 mg/ml solution, low endotoxin
Ovine collagen, SPDP functionalized, low endotoxin
Ovine collagen, lyophilized, low endotoxin
Ovine collagen, methacrylate functionalized, low endotoxin