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TrypZean Solution

Non-animal recombinant trypsin solution for dissociating attached cells

TrypZean Solution, 1X (Product Code T 3449) is the first animal component-free trypsin solution optimized for cell dissociation.

Percent Viability

TrypZean Solution, 1X provides the following features and benefits:

  • Animal component-free
    TrypZean eliminates the risk of viruses, BSE, or other potential adventitious agents.
  • TrypZean is recombinant trypsin
    Using the same enzyme (with the same kinetics) for cell detachment means minimal protocol changes for you.
  • Enzyme inhibition
    Soybean trypsin inhibitor and other inhibitors work the same with TrypZean as they do with native trypsins (on a weight-to-weight basis).
  • High purity
    TrypZean provides increased specificity and eliminates contaminating activities found in lower purity enzymes.
  • Convenience
    TrypZean Solution is formulated at the optimal concentration to dissociate adherent cells.


Kinetics of TrypZean

Trypsin vs. TrypZean
Product Name
Product # 
Package Size
TrypZean™ Solution, 1X
T 3449
100 ml
500 ml

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