Platinum Catalysts

Periodic Table Symbol for Platinum

We provide efficient platinum catalysts, e.g., platinum dioxide, also called Adams′ catalyst, used for the hydrogenation of various functional groups and dehydrogenation in organic synthesis. Platinum black, the active Pt catalyst, is formed during the reaction. Utilizing platinum catalysis on alkynes results in syn-addition, forming a cis-alkene. Two of the most important transformations using platinum catalysts include the hydrogenation of nitro compounds to amines and ketones to alcohols. Notably, reductions of alkenes can be performed with the Pt catalyst Adams′ catalyst in the presence of nitro groups without reducing the nitro group. Platinum catalysts are preferred over palladium catalysts to minimize hydrogenolysis when reducing nitro compounds to amines. This Pt catalyst is also used for the hydrogenolysis of phenyl phosphate esters, a reaction that does not occur with palladium catalysts.

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