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Generic Pharmaceutical & Release Testing

What If Complete Confidence Came in a Pill? Compliance in Pharma QC


Microbial Testing Solutions

We offer a broad range of products for microbiological testing to ensure accurate QC and absolute safety of your end product. Your quality requirements are the driving force for providing you with the quality you need!


Standards & Methods

 For Testing Prescription and Over-The-Counter Generics

Feel Better about your Pharmaceutical Standards

As a leading supplier of USP, EP, and BP primary standards as well as secondary (working) standards and elemental impurity mixes, we provide a stress-free time-saving and efficient route to procuring standards.

Feel Better about your Chromatography and Filtration

Our chromatography products are mentioned by name in many pharmacopoeia methods.  We classify each of our columns by USP code to make choosing the right column easy. You can trust our products to meet your regulatory needs.

GC Column for OVI Request a Poster of USP GC Columns
HPLC Columns by USP Code Request a Poster of USP HPLC Columns
Syringe Filters  

Feel Better about your Wet Chemistry

We offer hundreds of inorganics and solvents for pharmaceutical analysis – the most extensive range offered by any manufacturer. Our pharmacopoeia portfolio ensures that you work with the most suitable products and that they meet all quality guidelines.

Karl Fischer Titration for Water

Inorganics & Solvents for Wet Chemistry

Methods and Applications Search for QC Testing

Feel better with methods to guide you through high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) methods for active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) assays, their related substances (impurity profiling), and Karl Fischer methods for water determination.

Search for Applications

Supporting Products, Services and Labware

Microbiological Testing

Effective quality assurance, constant quality control and accurate results are key to manufacturing safe pharmaceutical and medicinal products.

Water Purification Systems from Lab Water

Our expertise in water purification systems ensures that you have the right quality of water for your application.