MILLIPLEX® Multiplex Assays for Luminex®

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Your time and samples are too precious to trust anything but the most highly verified multiplex assays for Luminex®. Robust assay performance data is included in every protocol ensuring the highest quality data.

  • Over 1,000 analytes for measurement of protein biomarkers and intracellular proteins
  • Analytes conveniently arranged in panels by therapeutic area
  • Read about MILLIPLEX® Quality and how we ensure lot-to-lot reproducibility for every panel
  • Don’t see what you need?  Develop a new assay or customize an assay for Luminex®.  Learn more here.

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What is included in every quantitative MILLIPLEX® kit?

Luminex Magnetic Beads

  • Antibody-conjugated beads in solution (capture or primary antibody)
  • Premixed formats available for select kits

Bead Diluent

  • For mixing the beads to the correct volume
  • Contains a cocktail of proprietary blocking reagents which significantly reduces false signal to ensure true biomarker measurement (including that from heterophilic antibodies)


  • Lyophilized cocktail of recombinant protein analytes
  • Standard dilution curve is used to calibrate the assay

Quality Controls

  • High and low QCs and Range Sheet are provided to ensure that proper pipetting and assay setup has been accomplished
  • Customers should include appropriate Sample QCs in each assay

Serum Matrix Solution

  • Lyophilized serum matrix provided for dilution of standards when using serum and plasma samples
  • Provides a more accurate analyte quantification than a standard curve diluted in buffer. Serum matrix simulates the conditions in which the native protein is analyzed

Detection Antibody Cocktail

  • Contains multiple biotinylated reporter (detection) antibodies in solution ready to use


  • Streptavidin Phycoerythrin (a fluorophour) comes ready to use

Assay Buffer

Wash Buffers

Plates and Sealers


Included with Cell Signaling Assays:

  • Lysis Buffer
  • Cell Lysates for use as positive and negative controls in select kits


Validated Sample Matrix Serum, plasma or tissue culture supernatants (or other sample types as indicated in the kit protocol)
Assay Sensitivity Within biological significance; minDC reported
Selectivity/Specificity Cross-reactivity between antibodies is non-detectable or negligible, and antibodies are validated
  • Intra-assay within 15% CV (SD/mean)
  • Inter-assay within 20% CV (SD/mean)
Accuracy Within ± 30%
Linearity Within ± 30%
Validated Reagents Standards and Quality Controls (QCs)
Kit Shipping Stability At 37oC, 4oC and Room Temp for 7 Days
Method Comparisons When available, against in-house or other vendors
Species Cross-Reactivity Tested against available samples (contact Technical Support for information)