MILLIPLEX® MAP Multiplex Assays for Luminex®


Discover with confidence using MILLIPLEX®

Your time and samples are too precious to trust anything but the most highly validated multiplex assays for Luminex®. Robust assay performance data is included in every protocol ensuring the highest quality data.

  • Over 1,000 analytes for measurement of protein biomarkers and intracellular proteins
  • Analytes conveniently arranged in panels by therapeutic area
  • Stringent assay validation performed on every panel to ensure lot-to-lot reproducibility
  • Don’t see what you need?  Develop a new assay or customize an assay for Luminex®.  Learn more here.

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What is included in every quantitative MILLIPLEX® MAP kit?

Luminex Magnetic Beads

  • Conjugated beads in solution (capture or primary antibody)
  • Premixed formats available

Bead Diluent

  • For mixing the beads to the correct volume
  • Contains cocktail of proprietary blocking reagents which significantly reduces false signal to ensure true biomarker measurement (including heterophilic antibodies)

Detection Antibody Cocktail

  • Contains multiple biotinylated reporter antibodies in solution


  • Streptavidin Phycoerythrin (fluorescent material) comes ready to use

Standards and Quality Controls

  • Lyophilized cocktail of analytes
  • Benchmarked to WHO Standard (when available)

Serum Matrix Solution

  • Lyophilized serum matrix provided for dilution of standards when using serum and plasma samples
  • Provides more accurate analyte quantification than a standard curve diluted in buffer, which does not simulate the conditions in which the native protein is analyzed

Wash Buffers, Assay Buffer

Protocol, Plates and Sealers

Quality Controls

  • High and low QC

Optional: Cell Lysates and Lysis Buffer for Cell Signaling Assays


Validated Sample Matrix Serum, plasma or tissue culture supernatants
Assay Sensitivity Within biological significance; minDC reported
Selectivity/Specificity Cross-reactivity between antibodies is non-detectable or negligible, and antibodies are validated
  • Intra-assay within 10% CV (SD/mean)
  • Inter-assay within 20% CV (SD/mean)
Accuracy Within ± 30%
Linearity Within ± 30%
Validated Reagents Standards and Quality Controls (QCs)
Kit Shipping Stability At 37oC, 4oC and Room Temp for 7 Days
Method Comparisons When available, against in-house or other vendors
Species Cross-Reactivity Tested against available samples (contact Technical Support for information)