Solubility Information

Solubility Information for Products

For many of the products that we supply as solids one of the critical pieces of information that is needed by the end user is how to reconsitute the product, or information on what the product is soluble in. 

Where we test the solubility of a product as part of the Specification this information will be shown on the Certificate of Analysis. The solvents used in testing the solubility of a product may well not be suitable for every application that a product might be used for,

Solubility and reconstitution information relating to applications in which a product may be commonly be used is also often included in product information sheets and other technical datasheets that may be available for a product.

Solubility information if available for a product can be found in a variety of documents as shown in the table in this link

If we do not test or have information on the solubility of  a product available, it may be worth checking the latest edition of the Merck Index. Alternatively it may be that you will need to test solubility empirically in a range of solvents.

Open Notebook Science Challenge

We are currently collaborating with Nature and Submeta in an Open Notebook Science Challenge. This is a project aimed at facilitating the generation of solubility information for chemicals. Please follow this link 'Open Notebook Science Challenge' for more information on this project.

Solubility Definitions

Description Approx Volume (ml) of Solvent Needed to Dissolve 1g of Solute
Very Soluble Less than 1
Freely Soluble 1 to 10
Soluble 10 to 30
Sparingly Soluble 30 to 100
Slightly Soluble 100 to 1000
Very Slightly Soluble 1000 to 10,000
Practically Insoluble Greater than 10,000