Product Specifications


Specifications are a list of test methods, references to analytical procedures, and appropriate acceptance criteria that are numerical limits, ranges, or other criteria for the test described. It establishes the set of criteria to which a material should conform to be considered acceptable for its intended use. “Conformance to Specification” means that the material, when tested according to the listed analytical procedures, will meet the listed acceptance criteria.

Historically a specification has only been set for a product after a number of batches have been produced and the expected and acceptable range of variation for the product in tested parameters is known. As a result specifications have not necessarily been available for every product. Where no specification has been set for a product the certificate of analysis will just record the values that were obtained in quality control testing for a batch. A major project is underway to ensure that in the next year or two all products will have a specification.

A link to the specifications for a product can be found under the heading 'Useful Links and Tools', to the left of the product description, see image below. (You would get this page by doing a product search from the home page, and clicking on the product number, from the list that is displayed).

Where to find a Specification Sheet on a Product Page