Chromolith® Performance RP-18 endcapped 100-4.6 HPLC column

storage conditions

no restrictions.



Quality Level


200 bar pressure
45 °C max. temp.


HPLC: suitable
mass spectrometry (MS): suitable (High)


monolithic silica

pore size

13 nm mesoporosity
2 μm macroporosity

operating pH range

2 - 7.5

storage temp.

no temp limit

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General description

All Chromolith® columns are made of monolithic silica with a characteristic bimodal pore structure. Chromolith 4.6 mm columns have macropores with 2 µm diamter, giving a column efficiency exceeding 80,000 plates/meter. The mesopores are 13 nm (130 Å), the surface modification is octadecylsilan with full end-capping.

Analysis Note

Appearance: conforms
Carbon content: 17,0 - 18,6 %
Pressure: ≤ 30 bar
stability testing: conforms
Performance (anthracene)
Theoretical Plates (N/m) (Anthracene): ≥ 80000
Capacity factor (Anthracene): 3,9 - 4,6
Tailing (USP): 0,90 - 1,60 %
separation factor (anthracene/progesterone): 1,95 - 2,35

Legal Information

Chromolith is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
Chromolith® HPLC and UHPLC columns are made from monolithic silica with a bimodal pore structure using sol-gel technology.
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Monolithic silica HPLC columns enable high-throughput analysis at low back pressure without loss of separation efficiency or peak capacity.
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