Cell Retention

The growing pressure to increase productivity and reduce manufacturing costs while improving flexibility is driving a renewed interest in perfusion. Perfusion operations deliver high-density cell cultures that alleviate the burden of processing large production bioreactor volumes. Perfusion increases your manufacturing flexibility by delivering higher volumetric productivity and more consistent product quality, with lower capital investments.

Increase your cell density, productivity, and flexibility

Achieve significantly higher viable cell densities while improving your upstream productivity and manufacturing flexibility with the Cellicon® Cell Retention Solution. In combination with your bioreactor, this solution intensifies your upstream by continuously removing spent media and gently retaining high numbers of viable cells. The increased demands of longer-duration perfusion runs are easily met, delivering the high throughput and level of process control you need.

Learn how seed train intensification using the Cellicon® Cell Retention Solution can help you achieve higher cell densities, reducing processing times and number of steps for greater manufacturing flexibility and yields. Find out how easy it is to integrate into your upstream perfusion process.

Key Benefits of Cellicon® Cell Retention Solution

  • Enables perfusion processes to achieve higher cell densities
  • Reliable and reproducible performance
  • High throughput and low fouling
  • Comprehensive monitoring and precise control
  • Predictable linear scale-up from bench-top to manufacturing scale
  • Easy to use and install
Cellicon® Filter and Controller: A Superior Perfusion Solution for Seed Train Intensification with Optimized Process Control



The lab-scale Cellicon® Cell Retention Solution consists of the Cellicon® flat sheet single-use filter assembly and controller that are designed to meet your perfused seed train needs. The controller displays an intuitive piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) that allows users to instantly visualize all process parameters. This lab-scale solution is ideally suited for your process development, scale-up, and scale-down work.

Cellicon® Filter and Controller: A Superior Perfusion Solution for Seed Train Intensification with Optimized Process Control




The process-scale Cellicon® Cell Retention Solution includes the Cellicon® Filter Assembly and the Mobius® Cell Retention System with Bio4C ACE™ control software. Available in 50, 200, 500, 1000, and 2000 L sizes, this easy-to-use solution ensures predictable performance and linear scalability. Bio4C ACE™ control software allows manual processing as well as automated processing via recipes; the software facilitates 21 CFR Part 11 and EudraLex Volume 4 Annex 11 compliance for your clinical and commercial process needs. This solution is easily connected to any bioreactor: all Cellicon® filter assemblies can be welded to any bioreactor bag, and you also have the option to use aseptic connectors.

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