Scientific Glassware — Corning, Pyrex and Custom Designed Glassware

Our Glass Center serves as a center of excellence and innovation in the design and manufacture of glassware for chemists worldwide. Whether your needs are Corning glassware, Pyrex glassware, distillation glassware, custom glassware kits, or custom designed glassware, you can be assured we offer the highest-quality glassware. Our vast chemical background and our continual collaboration between chemists and glassblowers, give us unique insight into glassware design.


Custom Glassware and Repairs Service:  

We carry Buchi rotary evaporators, 3-neck round-bottomed flasks, gas tapered flasks, Corning glassware, and can create glassware to your custom design.

Save money and time by using our Repair Service:  E-mail your specialty needs and designs directly to our Glass Center at, or call us at (U.S.) 414-438-2630 (or contact your local sales office) for a custom consultation.




Visit our interactive Glassware Center to help you find the exact piece of glassware you are looking for.


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