Amicon® Pro Purification System

The Amicon Pro centrifugal protein purification system, which combines an affinity-based spin column with an Amicon Ultra 0.5 mL filter, enables you to purify, concentration, and exchange the buffer of your protein sample, all in the same, versatile device. No need to transfer the sample, no risk of protein loss.




Application Highlights of Amicon Pro Method
Affinity purification (all-in-one binding, washing, elution, concentration) 1 hour, 4 spins, <10 mL samples
Buffer exchange/desalting/dialysis 20 minutes, 1 spin
Concentration of protein 25X concentration
Serum depletion 2 steps to remove
Antibody labeling and cleanup 1 hour, 3 spins


Continuous buffer exchange enables 1,000-fold (99.99%) desalting while maintaining protein integrity. It’s a gentler way to purify high yields of biologically active, pure protein, thanks to the clever design of the Amicon Pro exchange device and tip.

All-in-one Protein Purification Using the Amicon Pro System

Watch this short video to understand how the Amicon Pro system works: