MISSION® shRNA Library

Introducing the New MISSION shRNA Library, powered by TRC.

Do you want to perform RNAi in non-transfectable or non-dividing cells? Do you need efficient, long-term knockdown and require a robust, quality system? In collaboration with the RNAi Consortium (TRC), we have made the MISSION shRNA Library for human and mouse genomes available in our catalog, developed at the Broad Institute, a joint venture between MIT and Harvard.

Exclusively offered by us, the MISSION shRNA Library contains almost 250,000 clones including more than 80,000 validated clones. It combines all of the highly trusted TRC1 content plus an additional  88,000 clones targeting  4,000 new human genes and more than 5,000  new mouse genes!

We are proud to be a collaborative member and supplier of the MISSION shRNA Library, the most comprehensive and thoroughly validated shRNA collection available.



Start Your shRNA Research Today

Why experiment witht the old TRC library when you can get the bigger and better MISSION shRNA Library? The MISSION shRNA Library contains almost 250,000 clones including more than 80,000 validated clones. It combines all of the highly trusted TRC1 content plus an additional 88,000 clones targeting 4,000 new human genes and more than 5,000 new mouse genes - providing unparalleled genome coverage. Start your research today with the largest and most comprehensive genome-wide shRNA library on the market!

Optimal Lentiviral-Based RNAi

  • Stable or transient transfection
  • Viral particles for transduction
  • Integrates for long-term knockdown
  • Transduces virtually any cell type (dividing or non-dividing)
  • No interferon response
  • Lack of recombination issues
  • Standard preparation of lentivirus yields a high titer of at least106 TU/ml

For introductory information on working with shRNA and/or Lentivirus, visit: Getting Started with shRNA


  MISSION shRNA Library          vs.                 TRC1 Library          
  Total Validated Total Validated
Human Genes 20,018 8,897 16,019 7,405
Mouse Genes 21,171 8,345 15,960 6,506
Total Genes 41,189 17,242 31,979 13,911
Human Clones 129,695 43,470 80,717 24,550
Mouse Clones 118,062 36,654 77,819 20,564
Total Clones 247,757 80,124 159,836 45,114
Final clone counts may vary, as the library is constantly updated for accuracy of annotation and content.

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MISSION shRNA clones, designed and developed by TRC at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, include hairpin sequences comprised of a 21 base stem and a 6 base loop. Rules based design consisting of sequence, specificity, and position scoring are utilized to generate optimal shRNA sequences. The hairpin sequences are each cloned into the pLKO.1 vector and sequence verified. A minimum of 3-5 shRNA constructs are created for each target gene to provide varying levels of knockdown and to target different regions of mRNA transcript. We guarantee upon purchase of the defined clone set, the quantity on the shRNA detail page for your gene of interest (this varies, but is typically 5 clones), that at least one of those clones for a gene should yield greater than 70% knockdown. For a given RefSeq, there is often a shRNA clone targeting the 3'UTR for use in phenotypic rescue studies using cDNA expression constructs.

shRNA Designed for High Performance

  • Sequence, specificity & position scoring with the Broad Institute algorithm
  • Comprehensive target coverage with ~5 clones per gene
  • 3' UTR shRNA constructs for phenotypic rescue studies

Click on image to enlarge. (281 Kb PDF)

Figure 1. High-throughput validation of MISSION-TRC shRNA lentiviral transduction particles. Gene silencing effect of 60 different genes was measured at the mRNA transcript level and compared to pLKO.1-puro empty control particles. For each target gene, approximately 70% or greater knockdown was achieved.

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Lentiviral Production Expertise

We are committed to providing unmatched infrastructure and service for RNAi. With the addition of state-of-the-art robotics, liquid handling, LIMS, and dedicated laboratories in our new Life Science & High Technology Center, our goal is to provide superior quality and convenient service for your RNAi research needs.

High Quality Manufacturing Systems and Personnel

The Leader in Lentiviral shRNA Products and Support

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Screening Formats for Any Scale

We are committed to providing you powerful and unique screening formats that fully leverage the discovery potential of the trusted and proven TRC shRNA collection. When you partner with us, you gain access to our world class lentiviral production expertise and the formats you require for systematic or pooled RNAi screening on any scale

LentiPlex™: Pooled Whole Genome LibrariesPre-Designed Panels and SetsCustom-Designed Panels and SetsIndividual Clones

For rapid, whole-genome pooled shRNA screens, LentiPlex® pooled libraries are the answer. Pooled screening presents the entire library in ten vials, and affords expeditious phenotypic, positive selection screens. If you're more interested in focused screening relating to a specific gene family, pathway, process, function or disease relating to your biological question, we offer a host of pre-designed gene family sets and panels to make your screening easier. If you are looking for a quick Human Kinase screening tool, LentiExpress™, a reverse transduction method is available. Do you know exactly the gene you need? Explore YFG to find individual clones for your gene of interest!

From whole genome libraries to individual clones, the MISSION TRC shRNA Lentiviral collection is your path to unlimited discovery.

Wide Array of Product Formats

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Flexible Custom Capabilities

We are the exclusive distributor of the TRC shRNA library clones in DNA or lentiviral format. With world-class lentiviral manufacturing expertise and industry leading custom flexibility, we provide everything you need for even the most unique RNAi project. Additionally, a number of customizable options (including high-throughput projects, custom cloning and large-scale/high titer lentivirus) are available at your fingertips with our new improved ordering interface.

  All custom requests will be considered.

Rarely, one size fits all. Small, medium or large — your research needs are your own. So, our technology comes custom-fit with your basic and applied research in mind.

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