Protein Extraction, Purification, Quantitation, & Analysis Techniques

Protein Research

Extraction, isolation, purification, separation, detection—we know your time is better spent analyzing data than performing arduous protocols before you can even measure your proteins of interest. We can help with the most efficient approaches to cloning and expression with a wide variety of cells, reagents, and vectors. Our membrane engineers have developed devices expressly for desalting, concentrating, and buffer exchange that save your proteins, and save you time and protocol steps. A comprehensive offering of protein preparation products provide gentle extraction, high-yield isolation and purification, and application-verified detection tools for techniques like electrophoresis and Western blot, ELISA, multiplex, and mass spectrometry.

Stabilyser™ Protein & RNA Stabilization Reagent

Immobilon®-E Membrane

 Key Applications for Protein Research


Protein Expression
Find the best system for recombinant expression.
• Competent bacteria
• Yeast expression systems
• Vectors
• Competent cells
• Transformation/transfection reagents


Lysis & Protein Extraction
Detergents and protease inhibitors to maximize cell lysis efficiency and obtain the high protein yield.
Inhibitor cocktails
Roche cOmplete™ protease inhibitors


Protein Purification & Isolation
Agarose resins & magnetic beads for diverse protein purification strategies.
Antibody Purification
Recombinant Protein Purification
Ion Exchange Purification
Biotinylated Molecule Purification
• Protein Immobilization


Protein Concentration & Buffer Exchange
Fast and gentle sample concentration, buffer exchange, desalting and dialysis.
Amicon® Ultra centrifugal filters
Large volume concentration
D-tube dialyzers


Separation/Gel Electrophoresis

Precast gels, buffers & solvents, and prestained molecular weight markers to improve protein resolution with SDS-PAGE.



Western Blotting

Get the right band when you use tools optimized for your target protein.
Transfer membranes
Blocking buffers
Detection reagents
Western blotting protocol


Over 90,000 world-class primary and secondary antibodies, conjugates and technical resources.



Protein Assays & Analysis
Accurately interrogate the proteins relevant to your system.
Duolink® PLA protein detection

MILLIPLEX® multiplex assays using
  Luminex® technology

SMC (single molecule counting) assay


Proteomics & Mass Spectrometry
The expanding field of proteomics requires high-quality mass spec reagents.
MS internal standards
Seppro Protein Depletion
Proteomics Core
Glycoprotein Analysis


Protein Quantitation
Trusted methods for quantitation including BCA, Bradford and Lowry.
Tools for Protein Quantitation


Core Protein Reagents
Essential reagents and tools to support your protein research.
Enzymes and Proteins
Membrane protein reagents
General protease inhibitors
Reagents for protein stabilization


Life Science Labware & Equipment
From mixing and storage to separation and transfer, we offer:
Tissue homogenizers
Electrophoresis supplies
Glassware and Labware
Centrifugation supplies
Filtration supplies