Reflectoquant® Instrument & Test Kits – Mobile Precision for Your Analysis

Reliable Results with Barcode Calibrated Test Strips and the RQflex® 20 Reflectometer

The Reflectoquant® system is an economical mobile laboratory to perform critical analyses in the fields of agriculture, food, beverages, or water analysis, as well as during disinfection control.

The combination of high quality test strips and the new portable, easy-to-use RQflex® 20 reflectometer allows for great flexibility. Monitor your processes at each stage of production; for example, raw material and in-process analysis.

A broad range of Reflectoquant® test strips and applications allows you to analyze over 20 different parameters in various fields of application, and the bar-code system provides all calibration information you need in a regulated setting.

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Rapid and Precise Tests Directly On-Site

The Reflectoquant® system allows you to test your raw materials or goods at any stage of the production line or during quality control. View all available test strips below.

Test Parameters from A-Z

Fields of Application

With over 100 application notes for reflectometry, find the ideal method to support your production process and analyses. See some examples below and find more online


Along with nitrogen, phosphorus is a nutrient that plants need large quantities for normal growth. To avoid over-fertilization, it is important to analyze those parameters in agriculture production. Find out how Reflectoquant® tests and application notes for agriculture can support your analyses and crop management.

Food & Beverage

Reflectoquant® HMF Test is a rapid quantitative detection of HMF in honey and fruit juices. Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) is an organic compound from dehydrated fructose. Classical HMF determination means cost and time-consuming HPLC tests, whereas you receive accurate and quantitative results in a few minutes with the HMF Test.

Reflectoquant® Total Sugar Test to monitor acrylamide formation or to check whether your diet drink is sugar free within minutes. You have to ensure that your baked or fried product does not exceed the maximum level of toxic acrylamide or that same production line for diet and non-diet beverages is sugar free.

Disinfection Control

0.1% Peracetic acid is enough to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, and even spores in the shortest possible time. That’s why it is used for cold septic of beverage bottles, for example. Complete disinfection control involves various methods for testing parameters at high and low concentration ranges, as with our Peracetic Acid test strips

See how Reflectoquant® systems as well as our handy MQuant® test strips offer efficient solutions for on-site analysis.

RQflex® 20 – The Reflectoquant® Instrument
(Order No. 117246)

The RQflex® 20 reflectometer is a mobile instrument for high quality, low cost analysis, and is the latest addition to the Reflectoquant® system. All features and technical data at a glance.

Intuitive Navigation

No need to spend a long time finding the right method. Our new menu is simple and easy to use to access all your methods, results and quality assurance options, along with the ability to tailor your settings to your needs.

Easy-to-follow pictograms of the method and workflow for straightforward measurement and reliable results.
Barcoded Test Strips With Batch Specific Calibration

Fast and reliable results!

For every test condition, each batch of test strips is calibrated and labelled with a barcode for accurate and reproducible results. Obtain consistent results quickly with an average accuracy within ± 10 %.
Portable Analysis

You need your results outside of a lab?

This light and compact system acts like a mobile laboratory to perform critical analyses and obtain quantitative results directly on-site. Get results in minutes for easy monitoring of your materials throughout your workflow.
Instrument-Supported Analytical Quality Assurance

You have to ensure the regulations of your work are met?

For analytical quality assurance (AQA), the RQcheck and total system monitoring (TSM) process ensures accurate and precise measurements. Straightforward calibration can be easily carried out to reset the baseline, so your results will always be reliable.
Countdown-Timer to Streamline Your Analysis

3-2-1-measure! RQflex® 20 keeps track of reaction times for you. For maximum reproducibility, a countdown-timer with an advanced warning alert before the end of the test strip preparation time can be tailored to your workflow.
Different Languages Available

Do you or your colleagues prefer another language for the daily work? With the RQflex® 20 reflectometer, you can choose the navigation language from English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and Chinese.
Technical Data
Dimensions: 184 × 79 × 30 mm
Weight: 253 g (including batteries)
Memory: 50 test methods 200 measurement results 50 RQcheck results 50 calibration results
Light source: 4 LEDs, green/red, double optics
Power source: 4 × 1.5-V batteries (AAA)
Display: Reflective LCD Graphic Module (256 × 160 dot)
Measurement range: 4 – 90 % relative remission
Reflection area: 4 × 6 mm
Resolution: 0.1 % relative remission
Operating temperature: 5 – 40 °C for ideal measurements
Operating humidity: below 80 % for ideal measurement


Application Notes
• Fields of application for mobile
  analyses: water or wastewater
  testing, disinfection control,
  food & beverages, quality control
  and in process monitoring
With over 300 application
  notes for photometry and
, find the ideal
  method to support your production
  process and analyses.

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