Reflectoquant® Instrument & Test Kits
– Mobile Accuracy with Reflectometry

Take Your Test Further – Reliable Results with Bar-code Calibrated Test Strips

Reflectoquant® instrument and test stripsThe Reflectoquant® system is an economical mobile laboratory to perform critical analysis in agriculture, food or water analysis as well as disinfection control.

The combination of high quality test strips and a mobile, easy–to–use reflectometer gives you all the flexibility to monitor your production processes at all stages.

A broad range of Reflectoquant® test strips and test kits allows you to analyze over 20 different parameters and the bar-code system provides all calibration information.

Small, Rapid and Precise Tests

Reflectoquant® allows you to test your raw material or goods at any stage of the production line.

Reflectoquant® HMF Test is a rapid quantitative detection of HMF in honey and fruit juices. Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) is an organic compound from dehydrated fructose. Classical HMF determination means cost and time-consuming HPLC tests, whereas you receive accurate and quantitative results in a few minutes with the HMF Test.

Reflectoquant® Total Sugar Test to monitor acrylamide formation or to check whether your diet drink is sugar free within minutes. You have to ensure that your baked or fried product does not exceed the maximum level of toxic acrylamide or that same production line for diet and non-diet beverages is sugar free.

Reflectoquant® Application Notes offers a broad range of methods and sample preparation to supports your production and analyses.