C–H Activation Catalysts

Metal-catalyzed C–H functionalization is an effective approach for carbon-hydrogen bond activation. This method employs  a transition metal as the C–H activation catalyst  to cleave the C–H bond and attach a carbon, nitrogen, or oxygen​. The ability to selectively functionalize C–H bonds of complex molecules streamlines the organic synthesis process by removing pre-functionalization steps. Moreover, the reliable and predictable conversion of a C–H into a C–C, C–N, C–O or C–X bond in a selective and controlled fashion is a sustainable alternative in diverse synthetic transformations due to waste reduction. C–H activation not only expands the number of sites that can be targeted in a given molecule, multiplying the opportunities for elaboration into more complex products, but also allows for completely different kinds of chemical bonds to be targeted, often with high chemoselectivity.  

We empower your breakthrough synthesis ideas with an unparalleled portfolio of C–H activation catalysts, auxiliaries, and oxidants for the activation of inert and ubiquitous C–H bonds. We offer highly abundant, sustainable metals including cobalt, copper, gold, iridium, iron, nickel, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, silver, and titanium catalysts with unique reactivity/selectivity to suit your C–H activation needs.  Discover more about our advanced catalyst materials in the C–H Functionalization Guide

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