Automated Chemical Synthesis

Automated chemical synthesis performs the entire process of chemical synthesis using automated systems. A wide range of compounds, from small molecules to complex organic molecules, can be produced with increased speed and efficiency yet lower risk of human error.

Through our partnership with Synple Chem, we provide chemistry automation to accelerate your research. The Synple automated synthesis platform consists of an automated chemical synthesizer and pre-filled reagent cartridges. Simply add your starting material and the appropriate reagent cartridge into the synthesizer. At the push of a button, the synthesizer generates, isolates, and purifies your products and performs an automated washing sequence to prepare for the next contamination-free synthesis. 

Explore our wide selection of reagent cartridges featuring distinct reaction classes, with more than 40 different reagents:

  • N-Heterocycle formation (SnAP) – converts a broad range of aldehydes into N-heterocycles
  • Reductive amination – transforms aldehydes or ketones and primary or secondary amines into complex amines
  • Protein Degrader formation – designed for PROTAC® synthesis with a variety of PEG linker lengths and either VHL or CRBN ligands
  • Biotin tags – attaches Biotin tags to either aldehydes/ketones via reductive amination or amines via acylation
  • Mitsunobu – forms carbon-carbon bonds through dehydrative coupling of a primary or secondary alcohol
  • Boc protection – provices Boc protection of primary and secondary amines
  • Boc deprotection – removes Boc protection of amines into free amine salts
  • Fluorination – transforms primary and secondary alcohols into corresponding fluorinated product
  • Silyl deprotection – removes silyl protecting groups
  • Amide formation – couples amines and carboxylic acids
  • Suzuki Coupling – couples aryl halides with aryl boronic acids
  • Nosyl Protection – provides o-Ns protection of primary/secondary amines and amine salts
  • Cbz Protection – provides N-Cbz protection of primary/secondary amines and amine salts

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    Protein Degrader Building Blocks are a collection of crosslinker-E3 ligand conjugates with a pendant functional group for covalent linkage to a target ligand.

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