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Sigma-Aldrich Essentials Labware

The new Sigma-Aldrich Essentials glassware and plasticware is a range of day-to-day labware manufactured following high quality standards customers have come to expect from the Sigma-Aldrich brand. The volumetric glassware is manufactured to both ASTM and ISO standards to serve the global markets. The product line includes beakers, dishes, flasks, graduated cylinders, tubes, media bottles, and more. The plasticware is manufactured with superior medical grade resins in state of the art ISO9001 certified facility. The plasticware includes bottles, carboys, washbottles, tubes, sample jars, and more. These product lines offer unsurpassed quality and selection at very competitive list prices.

 Essentials Plasticware

 Essentials Glassware

 Features and Solutions

Volumetric Analysis
A full range of Class A and Class B volumetric flasks manufactured to ASTM and to ISO standards to meet your standards requirements. Supplied with a certificate of accuracy.
Simplify content identification with color coded closures or ensure total identification with full regulatory labelling. Whatever your need our range has the solution.
Mixing and Stirring
Heavy wall, low form Griffin beakers and tall form Berzelius beakers are offered in a wide range of sizes to accommodate your day to day mixing and stirring requirements.
Microcentrifuge Tubes
Six colors of microcentrifuge tubes in 0.5, 1.5 and 2 mL as well as an amber version ideal for light sensitive samples. Not forgetting our ultra low adhesion tubes that ensure minimal sample residue.
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