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Thousands of our customers have found the following products invaluable in carrying out their daily laboratory tasks. They all provide a simple and economical solution to difficult, time consuming or hazardous tasks. Check our list of tried and tested bestsellers to see if they could help you. Click on images for more details.

Keck Joint Clips

Corrosion proof
and secure

Ampule Breaking

Avoid cut fingers
Transfer Pipettes
A design for every application


Inexpensive alternative to
glove boxes

Microcentrifuge Tube Cutter

Removes hazard of knives and blades

Gas Collecting Balloons

Economic transportation
of small volumes of gas


Effective ellimination of static

NMR Tube

Sample and personnel

Chemflex Transfer Lines

Safe, flexible transfer which preserves chemical integrity

Pressurized Duster

Clean with no fear of lint contamination

Hemacytometer Cell Counter

Simple determination of cell viability

Laboratory Markers

Economical smudge proof labeling solution

Microcentrifuge Tube Cap Holder

Easy cap closure for microtubes

Non-contact Handheld IR Thermometer

Hazard free temperature measurement of hot or moving surfaces

Pap Pen for Immunostaining

Prevent waste of valuable solutions


Unique self-sealing, moldable and flexible film

Quartz Digital Timers

A wide range
from basic to

Septa Sizer

Accurate and quick determination of required septa size

SigmaClean® Water Bath Treatment

Keeps water baths free of bacteria and fungi

Spinbar® Disposable Magnetic Stirring Bars

Removes sample contamination risk

Zipper-top Bag

Preserves sample integrity and avoids spills



Ampule Breaking Collar Ampule Breaking Collar

These simple disposable plastic collars take the risk of cuts
out of ampule breaking.

Z122904 For 1-4 mL ampules
Z122890 For 5-10 mL ampules
Z168130 For 11-20 mL ampules


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Aldrich AtmosBag ImageAtmosBag

For Laboratory Use
AtmosBag provides an economical, flexible, totally isolated and controlled environment.

For Field Sampling
AtmosBag can isolate cans and drum during sampling operations preserving bulk material integrity and minimizing worker exposure.

AtmosBag with Tape-seal Closure:
The opening of AtmosBag is taped and folded over for a gas-tight seal. Sterile AtmosBags are treated with ethylene oxide. Each AtmosBag is supplied with a strip of removable sealing tape and instructions.

Z106089 Two-hand, non-sterile, size L, closure type, Tape-seal
Z112828 Two-hand, non-sterile, size M, closure type, Tape-seal
Z112836 Two-hand, non-sterile, size S, closure type, Tape-seal
Z118354 Two-hand, sterile, size L, closure type, Tape-seal
Z118362 Two-hand, sterile, size M, closure type, Tape-seal
Z118370 Two-hand, sterile, size S, closure type, Tape-seal
Z108405 Four-hand, non-sterile, closure type, Tape-seal

AtmosBag with Zipper-lock Closure:
The opening of AtmosBag is closed with a Zipper-lock for a gas-tight seal. The opening is slightly smaller than the width of the bag due to the width of the zipper. Excellent for applications that require repeated access to bag contents and for emergency isolation. Each AtmosBag is supplied with instructions.

Z530220 Two-hand, size L, closure type, Zipper-lock
Z530212 Two-hand, size M, closure type, Zipper-lock
Z530204 Two-hand, size S, closure type, Zipper-lock
Z555525 Four-hand, closure type, Zipper-lock

Sealing Tape for AtmosBag

Z106925 Polypropylene, 3 in. × 60 yard

Cotton Glove Liners for AtmosBagsCotton Glove Liners for Atmosbags
Wear alone or as a liner inside liquid-proof gloves. Lightweight 100% cotton knit absorbs moisture. Disposable or launder for reuse. Ambidextrous. pkg of 12 pair, length 8 in.

Z118338 Size S/M, Light weight
Z118346 Light weight, size M/L


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Balloons for Gas Collecting

Balloons for Gas Collecting

These thick-walled, natural latex rubber provide an economical method for maintaining dry, oxygen-free atmosphere over small-scale laboratory reactions. Slight positive pressure is maintained in the balloon, which serves as a reservoir to accommodate pressure changes and to ensure net flow of gas out of vessel in event of small leak in the system. Also useful for delivering small quantities of non-hazardous gases from cylinders to other use locations. Supplied as a package of assorted colors.

Z154970 1L capacity
Z154989 7L capacity
Z154997 12L capacity


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Chemflex Transfer Lines ImageChemflex Transfer Lines

Two 12-gauge SS needles (6 and 18 in.) are connected to the CHEM-FLEX 106 tubing with nylon clamps. Liquids contact only PTFE and SS during transfers. For extra security when using large bore transfer needles, fasten septum to bottle or flask opening with a wrap-it tie.

Z231029 Tube Length 30 inch
Z281751 Tube Length 60 inch
Z281778 Tube Length 120 inch


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Dust-Pro Pressurized Duster ImageDust-Pro Pressurized Duster

Contents are 100% non-flammable, ozone-safe (no CFCs), and triple-filtered for purity. Gas stream is delivered through narrow-orifice nozzle for dusting with pinpoint accuracy.

Z379522 Package size: 8 oz.






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Hemacytometer Cell Counting Slide ImageHemacytometer Cell Counting Slide

H-shaped moat forms two cell-counting areas. The surface features enhanced Neubauer rulings. Replacement cover slips sold separately.

Z359629 Bright-Line™ hemacytometer and two coverslips
Z375357 Replacement coverslips for hemacytometer



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Keck Joint Clips ImageKeck Joint Clips

Once you use these ingenious clips, no others will do. These
color-coded, Delrin® plastic joint clips will not scratch glassware or corrode. They can withstand temperatures up to 302 °F (150 °C) and are resistant to concentrated alkalis and diluted acids; not resistant to halogen gases or concentrated acids.
Suitable for USA and European joint sizes.


Catalog Number Joint Type Joint Size Color
Z150401 Standard taper 10 Green
Z222321 Standard taper 12 Violet
Z150428 Standard taper 14 Yellow
Z150436 Standard taper 19 Blue
Z150444 Standard taper 24 Green
Z150452 Standard taper 29 Red
Z222313 Standard taper 34 Orange
Z222348 Standard taper 40 Yellow
Z222356 Standard taper 45 Brown
Z150460 Standard taper 10, 14, 19, 24, 29 Mixed
Z222445 Ball joint 13 Pink
Z222453 Ball joint 19 Blue
Z222461 Ball joint 29 Brown
Z222488 Ball joint 35 Orange


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Laboratory Markers ImageLaboratory Markers

Economical markers that write on cold, wet surfaces. Quick drying ink avoids smudges. Available in an assortment of colors with fine or broad tip.

S5769 Fine tip, color black
S6269 Fine tip, color blue
S6519 Fine tip, color red
S5894 Broad tip, color black
S6644 Broad tip, color blue
S6894 Broad tip, color red
S6769 Broad tip, color green






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Microcentrifuge Tube Cap Holder ImageMicrocentrifuge Tube Cap Holder

Snap on tube holders to provide secure lid closure. Large tab for easy tube removal from centrifuges, water baths, racks and heaters. Polypropylene holders securely fit 0.5 and 1.5 mL standard microcentrifuge tubes. Autoclavable in assorted colours - blue, green, pink, yellow and orange.




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Microcentrifuge Tube Cutter ImageMicrocentrifuge Tube Cutter

Safely remove tube tips without the hazard from knives or razor blades. Retrieve tip samples and radioactive pellets without re-suspension. Use cutter with polyethylene or polypropylene tubes up to 10mm diameter.





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NMR Tube Carrier ImageNMR Tube Carrier

This unbreakable NMR tube carrier fits into your labcoat pocket like a pen. It not only provides protection for the sample but also laboratory personnel when transporting samples. It has a tightly fitting snap-on cap and a shirt clip that securly fixes the carrier in your pocket. The carriers are available in various colors to allow easy identification between samples. Each carrier holds a single
5 mm diameter. × 7 in. length NMR tube.

Z286095 Color red
Z286052 Color white
Z286109 Color blue
Z286192 Color assortment pack




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Non-contact Handheld IR Thermometer ImageNon-contact Handheld IR Thermometer

This non-contact infrared thermometer makes measuring surface temperature simple and safe. No need to touch hot, hazardous, or moving objects. The built-in sensor measures the amount of infrared radiation flowing from an object - the more heat, the more radiation.

Simple to use, all you have to do to check the temperature is point the sensor at an object between a couple of inches and a couple of feet away. The farther away the object is, the larger the area being measured. Simply point and press the button to get an instant temperature reading or hold button down to receive continuous readings.

  • Built-in laser pointer to improve aim
  • Large digital display with backlighting
  • Switchable °C/°F temperature units
  • Pocket size meters complete with 9V battery
  • Handheld model has Type-K thermocouple input for contact measurements
  • Field of view: 6.5 : 1




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Pap Pen for Immunostaining ImagePap Pen for Immunostaining

Use the pen to draw a hydrophobic circle around slide-mounted tissue sections. Prevents the waste of valuable reagents by keeping liquid pooled in a small droplet. Insoluble in ethanol, acetone and water, but will wash off with xylene. Ideal for use with paraffin-mounted sections or slides treated with albumin or poly-lysine. Each pen can make more than 600 circles.



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Parafilm ImageParafilm®

Parafilm M is a unique self-sealing, moldable, and flexible film for numerous uses in the typical laboratory. Parafilm M has unique permeability properties, impressive water vapor transport properties, and is resistant to many common reagents. With the use of the special Parafilm M dispenser, one can conveniently cut off uniform sized strips or squares of film. The thickness of all Parafilm products is 0.005" (127µm). Another novel characteristic of Parafilm is that it can be stretched 3 to 4 times its original length before breaking.

Rolls of Parafilm sealing tape.

P7668 Size: 4' X 250'
P7793 Size: 4' X 125'
P7543 Size: 2' X 250'
P6543 Size: 20' X 50'



Parafilm Dispenser & Cutter ImageParafilm Dispenser and Cutter

P6418 Parafilm "M" Cutter/Dispenser Opaque Blue
P8299 Parafilm "M" Cutter/Dispenser Clear Acrylic






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Quartz Digital Timers

Model T-7 Quartz Digital Timer ImageModel T-7 - Display: 4 digits, 0.5 inch
Special features: 99 minute countdown timer with buzzer at end of countdown; memory recall function; magnet in back of unit.

Battery power, 1.5 v button cell





Model T-20 Quartz Digital Timer ImageModel T-20 - Display: 6 digits, 0.5 inch
Special features: 24 hour countdown with alarm; 24 hour stopwatch; digital watch; memory recall function; magnet, clip and stand in back of unit.

Battery power, 1.5 v button cell





Model T-440 Quartz Digital Timer ImageModel T-440 - Display: 6 digits, 0.75 inch
Special features: four independent channels each offer 100 hour countdown and count up with buzzer alarm; memory recall function; clock, magnet, clip and stand on back of unit.

Battery power, 1.5 v button cell






Model T-590 Quartz Digital Timer ImageModel T-590 - Countdown Timer with 3 independent channels, alarm and time-out function - 100 hrs to 0 secs; 3 Channel display; buzzer will sound for 1 minute and start count up; 100 hour stopwatch with 1/100 sec. Real Time Clock. s, 0.5 inch.

Battery power, 1.5 v button cell







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Septa Sizer ImageSepta Sizer

Our Precision Seal™ Septa Sizer is an easy, accurate, and quick way to determine the septa size you need for your glassware. Simply fit your joint or tube over the buttons and read off the septa size.







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SigmaClean® Water Bath Treatment

A cationic surfactant and germicide used to keep water baths, incubators, and other water temperature controlled instruments free of bacterial and fungal growth. Requires 0.16 mL/L or 0.02 oz/gal. Treats 200 US gallons / 32 litres of water.



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Spinbar Disposable Magnetic Stirring Bars ImageSpinbar® Disposable Magnetic Stirring Bars

If cross-contamination is one of your major concerns these single-use magnetic stirrers will put your mind at rest. These economical bars have a PTFE coating which is chemically inert for high purity contact. ALNICO V magnet.

Packaged 100 pieces/bag.

Z420212 Size 1/2 in. × 1/8 in.
Z420220 Size 1 in. × 5/16 in.
Z420239 Size 1 5/8 in. × 5/16 in.
Z420247 Size 2 in. × 5/16 in.





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Transfer Pipettes ImageTransfer Pipettes

Disposable transfer pipettes are a great way to transfer liquids without the worry of cross-contamination. Available in 19 styles, our extensive range is sure to have one that fits your need. Available as non-sterile, sterile, or sterile and individually wrapped.

  • Unified design with built-in pipette bulb
  • Safe, convenient use, and disposal
  • Reduces loss of cells and proteins that bind to glass
  • Heat sealable to create liquid-tight storage

Manufactured from Non-autoclavable polyethylene.


Description Bulb Draw (mL) Non-Sterile Sterile Sterile Individually Wrapped
Standard 3.2 Z135003 Z350605 Z350591
Large bulb 4.6 Z350613 Z350648 Z350621
Short 0.9 Z350656 Z350672 Z350664
Blood bank 1.9 Z135062 Z350699 Z350680
Large aperture 4.6 Z350702 Z350729 Z350710
Long (9" / 225 mm) 2.3 Z135054 Z350745 Z350737
Extra long (12" / 300 mm) 7.1 Z350753 Z350788 Z350761
Graduated to 1 mL 3.1 Z135011 Z354287 Z135070
Graduated to 1 mL 5.0 NA Z135089 N/A
Graduated to 2 mL, blood bank 1.8 Z354309 Z350842 Z350834
Graduated to 3 mL 3.2 Z350796 Z350826 Z350818
Narrow short stem 3.0 Z354317 Z350974 Z350966
Narrow standard stem 3.1 Z135046 Z350990 Z350982
Narrow stem, large bulb 7.7 Z351008 Z351024 Z351016
Narrow two-step stem 3.0 Z351032 Z351040 N/A
Extended fine tip 1.0 Z354333 Z350915 Z350907
Standard fine tip 3.3 Z135038 Z350869 Z350850
Fine tip, large bulb 4.3 Z350877 Z350893 Z350885
Extended fine tip, large bulb 3.0 Z354368 Z350931 Z350923
Short fine tip 1.0 Z350958 N/A N/A



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Zerostat Anti-static Instrument ImageZerostat Anti-static Instrument

Valuable for neutralizing static electricity in the laboratory.
Prevents charged particles from "flying" during weighing or transfer, and keeps film, glass, and plasticware dust and lint-free. Non-radioactive, and does not require an electrical power supply or batteries. Life expectancy is 1,500 squeezes of trigger.

Zerostat is a registered trademark of Discwasher, Inc.



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Zipper-top Polythene Bags ImageZipper-top Polythene Bags

Made from clear, 4 microinch thick polythene, these bags are tough enough for most jobs. The zipper-top makes sealing quick, efficient, and simple.

Z162930 2-1/2 X 3 inches / 6.2 x 7.5 cm
Z162973 9 X 12 inches / 22.5 x 30.0 cm
Z162965 5 X 8 inches / 12.5 x 20.0 cm
Z162949 3 X 5 inches / 7.5 x 20.0 cm
Z162957 4 X 6 inches / 8.0 x 15.0 cm
Z162981 20 of each size





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