LentiElite™ Whole-Genome shRNA Libraries

When you partner with our MISSION RNAi team, you gain access to the extensively validated genome-wide TRC shRNA libraries, flexible lentiviral shRNA custom services, and ideal screening formats designed to accelerate your RNAi discovery. Save time and resources when you take advantage of the MISSION team’s world-class expertise in high-throughput lentiviral manufacturing and DNA purification services. We offer unparalleled gene coverage with our new exclusive TRC1.5 library and TRC2 clones.

As a collaborative member and distributor of TRC1.5 and TRC2, we offer multiple formats of the TRC1.5 lentivirus-based shRNA library consisting of almost 200,000 pre-cloned shRNA vectors targeting more than 22,000 human and 20,000 mouse genes. Whole-genome TRC shRNA libraries, individual RNAi clones/vectors, or shRNA gene family sets (gene panels) are available in the standard glycerol format as well as the higher quality DNA and lentiviral formats.



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